3 Keywords

  150 USD

  6 Keywords

  300 USD

10 Keywords

  600 USD

20 Keywords

  700 USD

30 Keywords

  800 USD

Unlimited Keywords. Seo study is carried out for all site content.

1.000 USD


Service Fee: 300 USD

Success Bonus: 3.000 USD

Keyword: Within the scope of SEO.6 package, service is provided for keywords with 3 million or less search results. For keywords with higher search results, one of our fixed monthly seo packages should be purchased.

In return for a Service Fee, seo service is offered for a maximum of one year until you reach the 1st page in the targeted keyword. When the targeted keyword reaches the 1st page, the service period is considered completed and a success bonus is paid once. In order for the relevant word to remain on the 1st page, regular SEO is required. For this reason, it is recommended that you switch to one of our fixed payment monthly seo packages after you reach the 1st page.
SEO Advance Payment Discount - Free SEO Service Free SEO
3 Monthly SEO Package   15 Days
6 Monthly SEO Package   1 Month
1 Annually SEO Package   2 Months
SEO Friendly Content or Article Price
100 Words 10 USD
300 Words 15 USD
600 Words 20 USD
Trading Volume for SEO Content or Article Discount
500 USD and above transactions  5%
1.000 USD and above transactions 10%
1.500 USD and above transactions 15%
2.000 USD and above transactions 20%
2.500 USD and above transactions 25%

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