Nargile Market entered this sector, which has been formed with years of tradition, in 2018 to bring a completely new understanding and a new style. You can find the most preferred hookah sets in Russia and the world on our website.

Alpha Hookah — Artist Collection Bronze

  • 2017 Hookah Club Show Best Accessory Award
  • 2018 John Calliano Awards Best Hookah Set of the Year Award
  • 2019 Hookah Club Show Best Hookah Set of the Year Award.
  • 2020 Hookah Club Show Best Hookah Set of the Year Award
  • It is a 5-award winning brand with the 2021 Hookah Club Show Best Hookah Set of the Year Award and Model X has 2 awards.

It is very comfortable to use with its 42 cm universal length and is very easy to install. The body interior parts are made of stainless steel and powder coated on anodized aluminum on the outside. It has a high level of paint quality. The same powder coating on anodized aluminum is also available on the mouthpiece. Model X Artist Collection has become the center of attention of hookah lovers in a short time with its beautiful color options.

Another feature that makes the Artist Collection unique is the calligraphic writings on the tray, shaft, lower pipe and mouthpiece. This model, like the Model X, has an 8-hole vertical discharge system and a generic discharge system towards the tray. The model has a full evacuation Closed Chamber system. The connector in the Model X Artist Collection has a magnetic system, which creates additional convenience in use and eliminates the possibility of accidental departure of the hose during smoking.

Cosmo Bowl

  • Capacity: 17–20 gr.
  • Long lasting taste
  • High taste transfer feature with its multi-hole structure
  • Production from natural raw materials
  • Balanced Heat Control
  • Handmade

The aim of the young and dynamic staff of Hookah Market is to implement traditional practices in the sector; to go completely beyond the old design and product understanding and to give the subject the universal quality it deserves.

Observing that the industry has gradually lost its reputation due to the influence of equipment systems that have not changed for years, are outdated and far from modern technology, that the same products have been put on the market for years, and that universal design and production qualities are not observed in most of these products, Nargile Market calls the hookah industry, which is growing rapidly in the world, “preserving tradition, but; It took the step with the understanding of “delivering quality and useful products suitable for the modern age”.

We aim to deliver to the market completely redesigned, perfectly aesthetic hookah sets, produced with steel material that is accepted all over the world and used in the food and health sectors, and that is extremely hygienic, very high quality, long-lasting, and also produced with quality materials and first-class workmanship.

Although he is one of the youngest members of this ancient tradition;

With its passion for the sector, dynamism, openness to innovation, idealistic understanding, honesty and disciplined work,

Hookah Market, one of the most important brands in its field, growing day by day despite all the difficulties,

It expresses its sincere gratitude to its customers who have supported them throughout this process and to hookah lovers who are conscious of the joy of life.

Nargile Market was founded in 2018 and has always been one of the leading companies in the hookah industry. It is one of the most preferred companies in Türkiye and abroad due to its honest, principled, innovative and unique service approach as a working principle. You can visit our website to get detailed information about hookah sets and hookah accessories.