It is a company established by the founder of ALBAY LIFT to convey his international and domestic successes and experiences in the sector. With the works he’s done, he maintains trained, experienced, united staff with deep knowledge of after-sales services for Hydraulic Load Platforms (Single Piston and Double Piston), Scissors Load Platform, Loading Ramp Platforms, Disabled Access Lift, Boom Lifts and 360 Degree Rotating Car Platforms. By this means, in a short time, he had productions done on his own behalf by finding experienced and expert companies in the sector in many parts of the world and again he received offers from the world’s most well-known companies for Turkey Dealership.

Our founder brought ALBAYLIFT company to the sector by blending his 15 years of sector experience and professionalism. Our company, which has been customer-oriented since the day it was founded, has become a favorite brand all over Turkey with the qualified product range it provides to its business associates.

Our company, which follows the developments and innovations in the sector any moment, develops products that will provide added value to the country’s economy while working in the field of R&D. Our products that are preferred by many institutions and organizations in the field of industry are powerful performance tools with high-end and quality.

The total quality of a product can be considered as a whole of the quality values that the materials and components used separately in the manufacture of that product. Therefore, in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, we use quality materials and components in our lifts, which are consistently subjected to testing, inspection and control procedures. The philosophy that our company is based on is that ALBAYLIFT is the assurance of being stamped with high quality throughout the project-installation-delivery and technical service processes at every stage from sales to technical service.

For our company, “quality” is not just a level that is needed to be reached and retained, but a target that is improved, developed and renewed according to the conditions and it is a responsibility shared by all company employees. Quality and Reliability are the assurance of the future of our company. As a company, our fundamental principle is; our work commitment, professionalism in our field, total quality manner, corporate organization structure and is to ensure and establish final customer satisfaction and continuity.

Our goal is to make ALBAY LIFT which is our own brand, a strong and leader brand in this sector. In our workings for branding, we see it as one of our primary duties to be able to solve the transportation and lifting equipment needs of our customers and to offer the right product and service in a customer-driven way.

As civilization progresses further thanks to technology, we have full faith that our company will make you fly high with confidence.

To be able to specify the most suitable product for your preference according to the area and setting you will use, our engineers and designers definitely explore the place you specify.

Thanks to our special computer programs, ALBAYLIFT tests every new product to be produced before it is produced. Thus, errors that may occur during producing and usage are prevented.

Freight Lift

Hydraulic load platforms that are made by Albay Lift have been successfully approved by the tests of TSE, MMO, IQNORM companies. The platform, which passed the periodic maintenance tests successfully, will continue to provide service for a long time.

They are lifts produced with the purpose of load carrying. Comfort and speed are not needed when compared to manlifts. Freight lifts are typically used to transfer materials or pallets between floors of buildings.

They can be easily used for indoor and outdoor implementations in buildings, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, etc.

They give efficient, easy and secure access to mezzanine floors, basements or any elevation of a multistorey building. Freight lifts are designed to carry more than 100 Kg or 15000 Kg. Single Column, Double Column and Four Column drivings are produced regularly. Freight lifts are used in the most heavy conditions. “Optional” features can be selected in freight lifts as well as in manlifts. Without considering the travel distance/length, you can both experience a comfortable ride and make significant savings in terms of operating costs by using our freight lifts.

Our lift door types can be used in a customized way as swing doors, semi-automatic doors, double-wing doors, automatic doors or cesan doors to provide clean space and height.

Hydraulic Cylinder and Chain

Lifting is by means of an electrically driven pump that delivers hydraulic fluid to a lifter that directly or indirectly affects the lift cage. In this type of lifts, the downward movement is occurred by the own weight of the lift cage. In hydraulic lifts, the motor is generally present at the first stop level. There is an oil boiler and hydraulic machine (mechanism), control board and pipes which the hydraulic fluid passes through. Hydraulic lifts work on the basis of the pistons lift the platform with the oil-repelling of the pump driven by electricity. The oil which is pumped passes through the hydraulic machine, in certain circumstances, and activates the cylinder through the pipe. In this way, the cylinder platform is directly or indirectly connected. The platform that is pushed by the cylindir is moved to the required floor with the command received.

We use high-precision, abrasion resistant Ø100mm hydraulic cylinders and Ø70mm shafts with locking mechanism for fall protection on load platforms. The 12B chain model that we use has a smooth surface, compact structure, standard chainwheel, high loading capacity and tensile strength. It can be easily cleaned and maintaned.

Limit Switch

One of the important sections of the loading platform is the limit switches. Limit Switch is a special model L5K13MEP-123 with two-part pls roller with IP65 class. It is used to convert mechanical displacement to electrical signal. It provides the height of the elevator to be limited with high precision.


1- The overflow valve prevents high pressure when the hydraulic platform is lifted.

2- Manual emergency valve enables people to ride down to the closest floor in case of an emergency such as power cut, earthquake etc.

3- The pipe blasting valve cuts the oil channel to stop the load from falling off the platform when the pipe burts in the hydraulic system.

Low Cost

1- Low failure rate with advanced and secure hydraulic system and control mode.

2- Low power consumption and energy are saved by making use of the hydraulic lift’s own weight for riding down.