Gürşah Rebar

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Ribbed Rebar is a reinforced concrete steel used in reinforced concrete structures, which is very unlikely to peel off from the concrete due to the protrusions (teeth-ribbing) on ​​its surface. It creates a solid structure with its varieties ranging from 8 MM to 32 MM. Ribbed rebar is produced by twisting iron rods into shapes. Ribbed rebars are used to create a stronger structure within the building. It is used as construction iron to combine iron products with concrete and to serve as a skeleton.

Gürşah is an Ankara-based company that specializes in Ribbed Rebar. We sell rebar throughout Türkiye. Visit our website to get more detailed information about Ribbed Rebar dimensions, features and prices or to place an order.

Steel Mesh

Steel mesh is a high-strength concrete steel that is manufactured by drawing and ribbling S220 steel by cold drawing method and is mainly used in construction. Depending on the type of steel mesh, it is packaged by tightly tying 50 and 75 layers with wires.

Places of Use:

  • On decks of reinforced concrete buildings
  • Floors without beams
  • Ribbed flooring
  • Normal b.a plaques
  • In separate and radial foundations
  • In curtain and retaining walls
  • Concrete runway
  • In highway and field concretes
  • In metro and tunnel construction
  • In water structures; in dams, canals and flumes
  • In prefabricated building elements
  • In various constructions of industrial buildings
  • In suspended ceilings
  • Garden fence and railing etc. places

Construction Nail

Gürşah Demir is at your side with its 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Construction nails are used in construction, joining materials together, assembling formwork, building roofing, stair installations, etc. It is one of the most used materials in construction sites. Construction nail properties vary depending on the purpose of use. The nail has different characteristics, including its size, body structure, head structure and entry point.

Construction nails are a widely used construction material. It is used in most phases of construction and in general wood works. Generally, these nails are sold in packages of 25 kg. You can call us to get detailed information about Construction Nails types, features and construction nail prices.

Steel Flat Bar

Steel flat bar is one of the strongest and most durable irons on the market recently produced. It is the main carrier of steel constructions. Flat iron, which spreads to many areas, is more fleshy than other irons.

It is less preferred because its usage area is more limited compared to other types of iron. The purpose of use of the steel flat bar is to strengthen the supports of the structures, to strengthen the bond between two profiles or between the floor and the ceiling. Standard lengths are between 6–12 meters and can be produced up to 20 meters with special production. Steel flat sheets are used in construction and construction machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, ship manufacturing, various machine parts manufacturing, road and railway vehicles manufacturing, general construction plates, oil drilling pipes, household tools and equipment.