Forces Machine founded in the quarter of 2010 provides services to many corporate companies in the field of Freight Elevators, Vehicle Lifts and Scissor Lifts. We manufacture completely in line with the wishes of our customers.

Force Machine is a Research and Development company. R&D Studies are carried out with the support of TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Marmara University and Gebze High Technology Institute. It is a company with 20 years of business experience.

Forces Machine specializes in freight elevators, scissor lifts and vehicle elevators. All freight elevators and hydraulic load platforms we manufacture are manufactured to pass all necessary tests. We have been manufacturing freight elevators since 2010.

To date, we have manufactured and installed hundreds of freight elevators. We can manufacture freight elevators in special sizes in line with the needs of your company. You can always call us to get detailed information about Freight Elevator prices and general features.

Freight Elevator Features

  • Lifting capacity up to 30 tons
  • Very little abrasion and corrosion as many parts run in oil
  • The oil used is very long lasting.
  • Since the role of the rope is not to lift the load with the help of friction, there is no wear on the pulleys and ropes when rope is used.
  • Unlike electric drive roller elevators, in hydraulic elevators the motor only works to go up, it does not work when going down.
  • No counterweight is used.
  • It is also preferred from an architectural perspective as it does not require an upper engine room.
  • It works very quietly. You cannot hear engine noise in buildings.
  • In case of power outage, there is an automatic return and rescue system without the need for an additional system.
  • It is safer in earthquake and fire.
  • Since the engine room is on the ground floor, it is easy to access in case of fire.
  • While in other systems the entire load of the elevator is carried on the shaft, in hydraulic systems the inertia force is less since the load is carried by the building foundation.
  • In the event of an earthquake, the likelihood of major damage and injury is reduced by 90%.

Freight Elevator Usage Areas

Freight elevators, also known as cargo elevators or goods lift, are used to transport goods and loads between floors such as factories, warehouses and stores. They can be produced with hydraulic or electric motors according to criteria such as well type and travel distance. Since its intended use is to carry heavy loads and goods, parts such as cabins, doors, machine-motors and hydraulic units must be designed to be suitable for carrying loads and working under heavy conditions.

Depending on the project to be made as a result of technical examinations such as building type, purpose of use, building traffic calculation. It has a load carrying capacity between 630 kg and 22,000 kg and it could be a travel speed between 0.25 m/s and 0.25 m/s to 2.0 m/s.

All of our elevators, which we install for use in factories, warehouses or car parks, operate successfully in harsh environmental conditions. Freight elevators are generally used in buildings that serve a commercial purpose. It is possible to find different options for freight elevators that provide great convenience for different business models, especially factories, warehouses and stores.

These options are usually determined by the characteristics of the load to be transported, and in order to make the right choice, people need to determine exactly what they need before purchasing a freight elevator.

When it comes to freight elevators, one of the most important points is that the elevator is of appropriate width and height, as well as providing convenience during loading and unloading.

Hydraulic Freight Elevator

Hydraulic elevators are elevator systems whose drive power is based on a hydraulic pumping unit. Hydraulic elevators use their own weight when moving downwards. The machine rooms of hydraulic elevators are generally designed to be on the basement floor. There is a fuel oil boiler and on this boiler there is a hydraulic system, control panel and pipes through which the hydraulic fluid passes.

Hydraulic Freight Elevator can be easily managed with button control or remote control. Quality compact power unit, speed regulation valve to adjust the descent speed, safety valve against overloads, suitable design options for mounting in the pit or on the ground, high-strength steel construction, use of roller bearings that do not require lubrication, non-lubricated bushings at moving points, load in case of hydraulic leaks or hose explosion. All our standard freight elevator models and special production freight elevators are manufactured in accordance with CE standards, as they are manufactured with hose burst valves against falling, honed pipes for hydraulic cylinders and chrome-plated shafts.

Makaslı Lift

Scissor Platforms, also known as Scissor Lifts, are hydraulic scissor platforms that rise upwards from their location and thus provide easy access to hard-to-reach places. Scissor Lift provides high efficiency in terms of occupational safety thanks to its durability. Thanks to the Scissor Lift, it is possible to lift thousands of kg of loads easily and safely.

The scissor lift can be mounted directly on the ground or in a pit. Scissor lifts are used in many areas such as industry, production lines and loading areas. Scissor Lift is frequently used by cargo companies, in different areas of the construction industry, in cleaning works on the interior and exterior floors of the building, and in storage companies such as placing products on high shelves.

Scissor Lift prices vary depending on the project. It is possible to reach an average height of 3 to 16 meters with a scissor lift. We have battery and diesel models available. It is also possible to divide battery powered scissor lift models into two categories: wheeled and wheelless scissor lifts. Battery Powered Scissor Lift models are among the preferred models in buildings because they are generally quiet. Diesel scissor lift options are mostly preferred outside buildings or in more difficult geographical conditions.

Vehicle Lift

Vehicle Elevator is one of the methods used by contractors to use parking systems in buildings more efficiently. Car Lifts are used for vertical transportation of vehicles inside buildings. It is an elevator powered by a hydraulic system that allows vehicles to descend safely to the lower floors of the building. Built to transport cars in car dealerships, garages, homes and more, our car lifts offer space-saving, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions for high-density locations.

The working method is extremely safe. The driver opens the shutter with the remote control in the vehicle. Once the vehicle is inside, the driver moves the vehicle up or down by pressing the button within arm’s reach. After the vehicle reaches the desired floor, the shutters are opened with the remote control and the vehicle is parked on the relevant floor.

Forces Makina also provides services on vehicle parking systems. Automated parking systems use technology similar to that used for mechanical parcel handling and document retrieval. The driver drops the vehicle off at an entrance area and the technology parks the vehicle in a designated area. Hydraulic or mechanical car lifts elevate the vehicle to another level for convenient storage.

The vehicle can be moved vertically (up or down) and horizontally (left and right) into an empty parking space until the vehicle is needed again. When the vehicle is needed, the process works in reverse and vehicle elevators carry the vehicle back to the area where the driver left it. In some cases, a turntable can be used to position the car. So the driver can easily drive away without having to reverse.

Automated parking systems save time, money, space and simplify the often tedious task of parking. Parking lot vehicle elevators transport vehicles to safe and secure storage areas until they are needed. Cars are stacked two or three parking levels above each other. Single units are for two cars each, double units are for four or six parking spaces each. Additionally, parking spaces are provided using mechanical parking platforms and turntables that can be rotated or slid longitudinally. Parking systems are especially suitable for residential and commercial buildings, apartments, office buildings, underground garages and hotels.