Asos Elektronic was established in 2004 to offer its customers the most suitable solutions in Electrical Contracting and Data projects and to work as a solution partner. Today, it offers problem-free turnkey projects to its customers by following the latest developments in technology with its expert technical staff.

Asos Elektronic entered the Smart Home and Automation Systems market in 2009 as the Istanbul Regional Dealer of Control4 Smart Home and Automation products. In this way, it has very quickly achieved its goal of bringing all the conveniences offered by technology to its customers and becoming one of the leading brands in the sector.

Asos Elektronic is proud of being a reliable company that offers accurate, economical and fast solutions to its old and new customers with its expert staff. It is ensured that all electrical projects are prepared with a professional approach, from the smallest residence to smart buildings equipped with the most advanced technology, by establishing the most ideal systems with lighting calculations prepared in computer environment.


Smart Home Systems are known as Smart Home technologies. It is a holistic system consisting of home automation devices that provide Entertainment, Lighting, Climate Control and Security, which it produces for you to experience the highest level of comfort in your home. With the development of technology, we all experience the ease of using smart devices. In addition to making our work easier, we can have a very enjoyable time when we use these devices in our comfort.

What would it be like if we got them to think along with managing our electronic products in our homes and offices, where we spend most of our time? Smart houses, which incorporate today’s technologies and which we see in many house advertisements, constitute a whole of architecture and technology. Of course, equipping an ordinary house with technological devices and making it smart requires some budget and basic technical knowledge. However, everything becomes easier after learning the basics of smart home systems.

In addition, smart home systems are programmed by software and can be used to control buildings remotely. These systems can be wired or wireless. There are many variables regarding smart home systems created using all the advantages of technology.

Asos Elektronic specialized in Smart Home Systems. Asos Elektronic, which has carried out many Smart Home projects to date, can produce smart home solutions that will increase your security and comfort.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems, perhaps the most important of smart home technologies, allow you to interact with other smart home appliances without a central connection. It is possible to choose the area you want to illuminate in your home and manage it remotely. You can also manage light-related settings in situations you may encounter when you are not at home. Thus, you may save some money on electricity bills.

Multi-room Audio Systems

You can listen to music or perform any sound-related operation synchronously in your smart home through multi-room audio systems.

Smart Speakers

Smart home speakers, on the other hand, are more affordable and offer different solutions. For example, Google Home with Google Assistant support, Apple HomePod with Siri support, and Amazon Alexa with Alexa support are among the leading products in this business.

Thanks to Smart Home Systems, you can watch music and movies, and while doing these, you can give commands such as Turn Off the Lights and answer incoming calls.

Home Security Cameras

You can monitor your home while you are away from home. For example, you can remotely control your child or pet when you are not at home.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen is a section where smart home appliances are designed to save time. Thanks to smart coffee machines, you can want your coffee to be prepared in advance. Thanks to your smart refrigerator, you can check the expiration dates of your foods. The smart kitchen, which also provides you with a system that monitors your plumbing in the kitchen, can turn off the fountain that remains open or can be programmed to take action in case of a problem with the electrical appliances in the kitchen.

Smart Thermostats

If you only use certain areas of your home during the winter months or if increasing bills give you a headache, the smart thermostat in smart homes is for you. These smart thermostats detect when you are and are not at home and thus apply the appropriate ventilation or heating system in the house. In this way, you will also save energy in your home, which will contribute positively to your bills.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide emissions may reach dangerous levels at some times. Fire etc. that may occur when there are no elderly people or anyone at home. We can say that smoke detectors do their job extremely well in terms of preventing incidents.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Water is one of the most important resources on earth. Saving water literally contributes to our future. Thanks to the smart irrigation systems included in smart homes, you can save water and have the technology to take care of your plants when you are not at home. Smart Home Systems consist of smart automation systems that aim to increase both your security and comfort by using technological opportunities.


Smart Home Systems is used in many areas like luxury, comfort, convenience, lighting, air conditioning, etc. in smart home projects. Meet Asos Elektronik Smart Home Systems for a professional service and trouble-free infrastructure in wired and wireless home automation and smart home solutions.