Dr Auto Expertise

Dr Auto Expertise, which has been in the industry for 9 years, provides perfect and quality service with its professional and trained expert staff and completely customer-oriented mission. Our company has always pioneered the sector, where all car brands and models can be safely inspected under one roof, which uses the most up-to-date technology, which is constantly growing with its expert staff who have carried out guaranteed inspections on thousands of cars since the day it was founded, and which pays attention to personnel training that constantly improves itself.

Our company, which has been serving in the field of auto expertise for 9 years as a pioneer in the sector, opened its first branch in a location close to the Ümraniye auto industry. When we first entered the industry, only 0.1% of people knew exactly what we did. By raising public awareness, we helped people realize the importance of auto expertise and why it is necessary. Today, our company, which detects all kinds of defective vehicles in the automotive industry in our country, protects both the life and money of our valued customers. Our company, which is always aware of being corporate and aware of its importance and responsibility, is always at your service for your auto expertise needs.

Engine Performance Test

In the engine performance test, the vehicle is connected to computerized test devices and a malfunction check, transmission ABS brain malfunction check, electronic component malfunction check is performed and a fault condition, if any, is revealed. Engine performance testing is done with the DYNO test device, that is, the dynamometer test device. DYNO is a computer-based (COMPUTEST) test device used to measure the power and torque of the engine in front- or rear-wheel drive vehicles with manual and automatic transmission.

The dyno tester detects the slightest instabilities and irregularities in the engine and shows them with graphics. It is also possible to see the ignition system and fuel intake system with the data obtained from the graphics and computer simulation. It is very important to have engine checks, which are one of the most important elements of safe driving, on time and completely. For the life safety of you and other citizens on the road, be sure to have your vehicle serviced on time. In addition, we determine the engine power and engine torque gained by making measurements before and after engine retrofit modification in modified vehicles.

OBD Test

OBD test involves connecting the vehicle to a computerized test device and checking the vehicle’s brain and all electronic components. All controls of the vehicle’s brain, which is the center of electronic components such as ignition, engine, battery, lighting, music system, charging air conditioning, ESP and ABS, are carried out.If there is an error, it will be revealed during the brain testing process.

Dyno Test

Dyno test is a computerized test device that determines the power, torque and maximum acceleration rate in detail to determine the engine power of the vehicle. The dyno device integrated with the system we call COMPUTEST is buried in the ground. Depending on the vehicle condition, whether it is front or rear wheel drive, it is placed on the test device.

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the front wheel is mounted on rollers. Depending on the brand and model of your vehicle, which we securely fasten to the ground with chains and seat belts, the accelerator is pressed in the upper gears and with sudden acceleration between a certain speed, until the turbo cuts off in turbo models, and until the engine stops revs in non-turbo vehicles. The vehicle accelerates to speeds between 170 and 260 KM on the dynamometer and the rates are determined.

All values such as maximum acceleration rate, torque production, power production, graphical fluctuations in the engine are determined by the special DYNO test software designed on the computer. The current situation is determined by comparing it with the vehicle’s factory values. The engine power of vehicles that have traveled long distances is never the same as the first day, and unfortunately they lose their performance over time. Today, even in the engines of vehicles with all maintenance and checks done on time, there is a 2% power loss.

Our expert technicians take important notes and transfer the results obtained from the computer to the auto expertise report and present it verbally and in writing to our customers who request the service.