Ülkü Dormitory for Female Students

Private Ülkü Higher Education Girls’ Dormitory was designed and put into operation as a boutique girls’ dormitory in 1993 by Agricultural Engineer Ms. Ülkü HAYKIR and his late wife, Master Architect Sedat Akın HAYKIR.

After 24 years of public service, Ms. Ülkü Haykır, with the discipline she received from the state, went beyond trade to support education with her children, and with the warmth of home, she served our girls who left their families and came to Ankara to study, with a mother’s affection and devotion.

Unfortunately, due to health problems, he left the management of our dormitory to his daughter ÇİĞDEM HAYKIR ÇAKIR and her entire team, and retired with the confidence that the service will continue by being very meticulous about carrying the flag forward from Sedat Akın HAYKIR and ÜLKÜ HAYKIR.

If your expectations are to long for a second home in Ankara, to entrust your daughters to people who will be at least as meticulous as you and who will take care of them without separating them from their own children, if you want to establish a new friendship and become a member of our family that has existed for 25 years, do not decide before seeing our Student Dormitory.

Let’s not forget that everyone talks about themselves and everyone praises themselves. Let’s meet, decide for yourself…. The Founder and Staff of Ülkü Girls’ Dormitory are rightfully proud of not breaking their promises for 29 years, without compromising their interest, compassion and understanding of service.

Your home in Ankara!

Ülkü Girls’ Dormitory is a girls’ dormitory in the center of Ankara, within walking distance of many universities. While your education continues, you can feel at home.

We have hosted many of our students so far. If you are looking for a girls’ dormitory in the center of Ankara, close to shopping malls, metro and many well-known universities, Ülkü Girls’ Dormitory Ankara will be the best choice for you.

The Belgian Embassy is located in the front building of our dormitory. There are also franchise cafes, courses and educational institutions along our street. You can call us to get detailed information about transportation possibilities.