Sometimes it’s a blessing not to have enough budget. Because by learning the basic seo rules on your own, you can increase your website traffic and gain new customers. After you achieve the income and expense balance, that is, after you reach a certain income level, you can start working with a professional seo expert.

The content quality of the website is important. However, in order for Googlebot to understand the site content correctly, you must help it. Do not use very long sentences unless necessary. This makes its job easier. What we need is to make our homepage SEO friendly first. This means that you need to make some adjustments in the title, description, keywords and other important parts of your website. You can find a detailed explanation in our article titled  How can I set my home page for one main keyword ?

There are many factors that affect your ranking on Google. Even with just quality content and simple on-site SEO arrangements, you will see that you can rank. You don’t need to understand or know everything in the beginning. We have previously published an article about “You should avoid them while doing SEO.” In this article you will find detailed information about what you should not do.

To analyze your site, at a minimum, you need to add the search console code to your site and track the data. Is your site’s content indexed correctly? Has your site received a manual penalty? In which words did your website rank on google? The search console data will show you incredibly useful information. If you have rank in any word on page 2 or page 3, try to improving the content of this page and rearranging it in terms of seo. If you can improve your content and adjust the title, description and other important aspects according to the targeted keyword, you will see that you have come to page 1.

Each site has a domain authority (DA) value and the relevant page has a page authority (PA) value. You don’t need to know the technical details. What you need to know is, sharing information about your products and services on different websites and social media sites, and if possible, link to your own site. In this way, your DA and PA values will increase. Everyone knows their profession better, so unless you have the necessary training, you may never be as equipped as an seo expert. Therefore, SEO is essential for every business that wants to grow its business, such as a computer or a desk in your workplace, and if you have the budget, you should get support from a good seo company.