Do you offer free SEO service?

Free SEO

We do not have a free seo package that we offer. We have a seo package that is result-oriented, which means you can pay after your website is on page 1. You can detailed information about all seo packages by visiting our SEO Packages link.

In our result-oriented seo packages, a service starting fee is charged. The service starting fee for 2020 is 250 GBP. This amount is a non-high amount that can be paid for all companies and individuals. This payment is for one keyword only.

Our result-oriented seo package covers keywords with 1 million and less search results. When you do any search on Google, you will see this data at the very beginning of the search results. If there is a result of more than 1 million, then we can serve you as part of our monthly paid seo packages.

Let’s say we both agree on a keyword. You do not have to make any payments other than the Service Start Fee. We will do all the seo studies about this keyword. Once the word in question is listed on page 1, you will pay once a premium. Success Premium is 1250 GBP. You can continue to seo studies by switching to one of our monthly seo packages to protect your status on 1st page. If you do not prefer to switch to one of our monthly packages, we will stop the seo studies and but your website will continue to stay on the 1st page for a certain period of time depending on the competitive situation. This time may also be a very long time if your other competitors stop seo work and do not do seo work. So your website can stay on page 1 for a long time.

We do not recommend that you risk your gains because you have come to the 1st page with a certain effort. That’s why we recommend you to do seo work regularly.

If you want to get detailed information about our Result Oriented or Monthly Payment SEO packages, please contact us via our contact information.